When prospects search on-line for the products and services you sell, does your company pop into view? Try it and see. If it doesn't, call us.

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How important is having your website show on page one of a search? It’s huge. Consider this: According to Google, 94% of searchers click what the they want right there on the first page. It’s prime real estate. And with web directories muscling in deeper and small pay-per-click ads (Adwords) occupying space there, too, websites — even really “good” websites — struggle to appear on the few spots Google allots. Work with us and you’ll receive the best digital practices, 20+ years proven SEO experience, and Google-certified adwords expertise that will empower your current website domain to pop into view. If you’re current website is outdated, no worries; let us build you a new one, mobile-friendly, using the constructs that Google wants you to have. We know our way around this space, we know how to drive people to your site, hold them there, and convert them, too. So if your website is ready for a makeover, or if you wish to expand it, or perhaps start with a fresh design, or get into PPC, call Nat Testa today for a free consultation at 973.632.7425

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When you search using keywords related to your company’s products or services, do you show up where you want to be? If not, contact us for a free consult on how we can get you there without waiting any longer.

For Newark Criminal Attorney Howard W. Bailey, we built and optimized his website (hwblaw.com), and achieved tremendous brand visibility from day one.

Testa Advertising provides compelling and affordable digital marketing options to improve your on-line visibility.

Website Design

The internet’s enormous capacity for a business to promote services locally or nationally is irrefutable. Optimizing the visibility of your website to page one for search is critical to its value and your success. We make certain your website has a solid foundation for showing well, informing persuasively and converting leads by writing and designing with the constructs that Google prefers.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO and page rank is achieved not simply by the word and picture content of your website, but how that material is leveraged through keywording, repetition, titling, tagging and indexing. It is furthermore boosted organically by blogging and backlinks, as well as the calculus of social and business media platforms such as LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Facebook and more.

Pay Per Click

Search engines have begun reclaiming portions of page one, converting it to ad space known as Adwords, or pay-per-click (PPC). When we build your PPC program, you’ll show atop page one, enjoying free impressions daily, costing only when your ad is clicked. If over 90% of searchers find what they want on page one, your website needs to be there for a chance to capture that lead.